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Your privacy online is very important to us.

Playtex Products, Inc. Privacy Statement

Playtex Products, Inc. has designed this web site to remember you and your preferences. We do this in an effort to deliver the best possible, easiest to use web site specific to you and your needs.

We will not reveal the information we learn about you to any other company, source, or individual. The information we learn will be used only for this web site to: 1) Target content from Playtex Products, Inc. to you, 2) Learn how well the web site is performing for you, so we may make future additions and modifications, 3) Report to us the kinds of users who frequent this web site, 4) Any other data analysis that helps us understand how well this web site meets the needs of our users.

In connection with our contest and sweepstakes, we use the information that you supply to us solely to contact you in the event you are a potential winner or for other contest and sweepstakes matters.

Other than your first and last name or, in some cases, a numeric identifier, we will not place your personal information in a cookie on your computer. The data we place in this web site’s cookie is simply used to help us remember who you are when you return to this site.

If you have given us your e-mail address, you may receive e-mails from us from time to time. You can be assured that we will use your e-mail address only for important messages from Playtex Products, Inc. that contain new, or other relevant information specific to you and your needs. You will always be given the opportunity to request that we stop e-mailing you.