Family Fun Tips

Fun brings your family together, and the best times are had out in the sun. Check out our Summer Fun Tips for inspiration.

Go Bananas summer fun tip Rainbow water fight

Add more color to your summer in 3 easy steps, with a rainbow bright water fight!

  1. Fill water bottles with equal parts tap water and cornstarch to help thicken the mixture. *
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to each and shake.
  3. Attach your balloon to the top of the bottle to fill with color. Grab your Banana Boat® Kids Tear-Free Sting-Free Continuous Lotion Spray Sunscreen SPF 50+ and take your fun outside..
Go bananas summer fun tip Beach ball dare toss

Here’s a simple, fun game of silly challenges that will have your family cracking up!

  1. Grab a beach ball and a permanent marker.
  2. Make sure everyone is protected with Banana Boat® Sunscreen.
  3. Have an adult write funny dares on the ball (dance like a chicken; sing a song; make a funny face, etc.).
  4. Pass the ball and make whoever catches it do the challenge facing them. Who knew your family was so funny?
Go bananas summer fun tip magical scavenger hunt

This DIY twist will make your next family scavenger hunt positively magical.

  1. Hide a wand (stick+ribbon), amulet (shell on a string), potion (juice box), and fairy dust (sprinkles in a bag or pouch).
  2. Make sure your little wizards are wearing Banana Boat® Kids Free Clear UltraMist Sunscreen SPF 50+.
  3. Put on their capes (towels) and send them hunting. What an enchanted day!
Go bananas summer fun tip bobbing for starfish

A simple summer twist on a tasty classic, in 4 easy steps!

  1. Cut pineapple slices into starfish shapes.
  2. Get a large, clean tub and fill it with water and "starfish".
  3. Protect your kids with Banana Boat® Kids Sunscreen.
  4. Head outside and see who can catch the most—remember, no hands!
Go bananas summer fun tip colorful art rocks

Looking to express a little creativity? Make the great outdoors your canvas with painted rocks!

  1. Gather your art supplies.
  2. Apply Banana Boat® Kids Tear-Free Sting-Free Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50+.
  3. Go outside and search for rocks that inspire you.
  4. Paint and trade for keepsakes you’ll all cherish.
Go bananas summer fun tip DIY water balloon pinata party

Here’s a backyard blast that will have everyone laughing—water balloon piñatas!

  1. Grab and fill colorful water balloons.*
  2. Tie them to a long piece of string, and hang at eye level.
  3. Take turns blindfolding each other and swinging at the balloons.
  4. SPLASH! Don’t forget to cover up with Banana Boat® sunscreen for summer fun in the sun.

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