How does Banana Boat® test the quality of its suncare products?

Sunscreens are a vital part of a sun safe regimen, protecting the skin against sun damage and reducing a person’s risk for developing melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Every Banana Boat® brand sunscreen product is evaluated and approved for safety and quality before it is placed in the market.

We conduct extensive clinical safety testing on our products under the supervision of a Board-certified dermatologist, for maximum consumer safety prior to placing products on the market. Our Tear-Free, Sting-Free Kids and Baby formulas are tested under the supervision of a Board-certified ophthalmologist and/or pediatrician. In addition to our formal in-house quality review and verification of every product lot to ensure quality before distribution, we also have qualified independent laboratories conduct claims and safety tests for all our product formulas to ensure they meet FDA requirements.

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